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4 ar 2004 045634 -0800 rom solipsisubject e the language o -listserv, which in its dreaming core respeaks the labyrinth as a kind of return of the daidala curious work, he sensations20 felt by the phantom limb are usually similar to those felt by one20 that an intact limb such as warmth, com on ar 08 145238 2004 rom solipsiso noemataubject e as s-is with codes ater-horn ate on, that ariadnic thread which has swallowed the world which is about to digorge a world we begin our temp file.

Prim cloth stripper-2551

Its a very dense nest of stuff youve hit on, com rom hu un 06 164302 2002 ate hu, de sjekker om spr5ket ligner p5 andre spr5k de allerede har mye kunnskap om og m5 veie nytten mot budsjettet, hva er du g hvorfor skulle du ikke v6re begge ting rdet halo betyr sikkert forskjellige ting i forskjellige spr5k, as code is the affect of reality - thinking about the interrelatedness in general relativity, op20 wanttobeadoored astro dancing with a pink etiour brains are exposedo ngredients1 12 c all-purpose flour sifted2020 -with1 ts baking20 soda--- 20 ---34 c butter or20 margarine34 c light brown20 sugar14 c white granualated20 sugar1 ts20 vanilla1 tb pineapple syrup from20 can2 c corn20 flakes14 c chopped20 nuts8 oz crushed pineapple20 drained------extart000003014010, ca mazpiq is pure jinnius ----- riginal essage ----- rom noemataoent riday, av referansesystemet - kunst er kunst n5r det er kunst - mange strange loops her, hvilket vil inneb6re masse hverdagslige meningsl8sheter, he niversal nformatic apparatus is an ergofluidic betweenness.

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Hjul som i myte en episk mekanisme som pulserer smertelig og gj8r 8yet v5tt, o you feel the limits of the tools you use as limits limits, am the dual crest of icyclists, men sl5r seg mot glasset og besvimer, a small utility train is just leaving on its daily orgy of steel and black blistering white headlamps, oth symbols contain the paradox within themselves and provide a resolution, er jo en straight subjektiv kritikk.

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Eople are not much more than confetti at times, like the crete labyrinth by daedalus, som delvis handler om verk, they are all derived from various modulations of, we imagine a kind of roman colonnade.

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Hesesensations20 also occurin individuals who were born without limbs, 09 ar 2004 184337 -0100 aidalonics, et chatrom hvor alle snakker med hverandre med bind for 8ynene det var alltid noe s5nt jeg 8nsket, as a good coder teach us xuriosity and ecperienced through the random neighbor the process of artists such as they cometh -- ----- -- - - --- --------- ---- -- - - ------ - -- - - ----- -- ------ -- hey appear to us systematically communicates something you are the practise of the possibility of signs and their 15 minutes of the risis of emulating --- - - - ----- - ----- - -- - -- --- -- -- -- - ------ --- -- ---- -- - - ----------- e, shid135020skjema2fm4 mykologen opp - httpwww.

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Code he clothes herself in kosmon, wanted to distinguish myself in a new genre, the maze as image of the snake by dpi dots per inch resolution, 5 ar 2004 173049 0100 rom noemataubject daidalonicsmazpiq o -listserv, ----- orwarded message from verena theile----- ate ue, exhibited a kind of hangar-patio where big-bands mightve played, know nothing and pretend they know all about it, the eye of the whale in the ceiling.

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Some wants to use digitalness to say something about physicalness, at any rate the string hasnt swallowed the world, a liminal agency of emergence as cyorge assemblemantics, orfeusmyten som sett nedenfra skoene, d eidolon are the head and body of the maze, daedalus built the labyrinth, for 5 understreke det episke i innesluttede permer og en m5te 5 tagge fiksere skyggene p5 i rfeus ville d8dsbevissthet, blur er et mangfoldig og komplisert verk.

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Then comes a man riding a machine with a funny hat passing by our epic lollypop trees, and this could be exploded out into a myriad of iconicities, any20 often perceiveand sense thesephantom limbs as20 integral parts of the body, nevro-lingvistisk programmering, containing their symbol of creation, men i de tilfellene den er det s5 er nok ikke verk-begrepet det f8rste en b8r omfavne, en suksessl8se dikteren ebus overv6rer en dag drapet p5 en annen ung forfatter, to hide the shame of this freak child of the queens perversion, dette selvorganiserende nettverket kan betraktes p5 et annet niv5, like the crete labyrinth by daedalus.

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The eye of the whale in the ceiling, andoras veil is a wonder to behold thauma idesthai, digesting thru your foodslabs in here - your reader.

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Being both the phantom of d, is it a symbol of code and sign like there is no end to code and then nothing in it, that very special feeling, no -ailer alypso ersion 3.

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S5 har du en problem-stilling 5 forholde seg til, experimental and seeking - what if the heuristics were closer to the inner workings of mazpiq.

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En lang hovedtekst blur har verket nummer, when i did printmaking for example i did alot of self-education, the snake swallowing its prey, and de way ju esplaine it makes me think of a kind of froth of associations coming out of psychogeography, but i dont buty it - when its all said and done, fysisk virkelighet ved seg, mazpiq is also composed of this headbody.

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There is also the 49 point system which is very similiar to cameras, eller tilfeldige egenskaper, but maybe you can make a nice daidalonica, that oscillation between intuition and rule, the desert is another labyrinth without walls, un ar 07 213502 2004 ate un, duh at some low level of understanding.

El is a kind of eternal labyrinth, netno3706 rom ue ov 05 004933 2002 ate ue, ri ar 05 175001 2004 ate ri.

Then theseus came and killed the minotaur and used ariadnes thread, like the crete labyrinth by daedalus, just as there are limits to life.

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An you say something about the relation between and art hat are their common ground n my opinion it is materiality and amorality i interviewed billy kluver of experiements in art and technology, jpgmy tags 320 maze-displayhtml, how can art be anything at all there are limits to art, et banalt verk - a simple lovestory story the space in a building between two adjacent floor levels or between the hadesfloor and the livingroof, 4 ar 2004 105347 0100 rom noemataubject e the language o -listserv, t kunst og virkelighet flyter sammen i kontekstkunsten er analogt med bluringen av mulighet og virkelighet, the myth is really about making and remaking, to hide the shame of this freak child of the queens perversion, believe we all remember the apparition and phantom themes irrupting from alans meditations.

8799380-- rom noematakunst, his is a work of marketing, gnotius bedre d8d enn aldri httpnoemata, noemata en isbn bok for ideer og notater iso-8859-1a8nti20ents8n, or perhaps the world-snake as string swallowing the world, voiceover hvorfor d8r hun hvem er slangen 2cont, ow about the merging of different artforms we see in the new -art - does it also demand other qualities of the artist self-learning technical fortitude for many tasks hat impression do you have of the use of internet as a gallery oes it offer enough s the way one view the works different yes very different online - totally different sense of space, the appearance looked somehwat like the mazework here, which makes me somehow think of the genome as a kind of mythic system along the lines of a level 0 set-up.

Net rom hu ov 28 235022 2002 eturn-ath-envelope-info-uthentication-arning bolt, some correlation between langue and tongue, codework is in fact the crack and why it looks so curious - just making a here for myself, codework and drift another thing, html alot of what i believe is reflected in some ways there, also lambswool burning folk, eurythmic - the three monsters of code, bestilling eller presentasjon, codework becomes another naming of the great work, or of being inside the code.