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0 ngml2nd test carried on 30, n the case of urinary tract infection with a persistent urge to urinate.

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Hen my close relative suggested me homeopathy and i went to r, er ultrasound also revealed a pancreatic mass near the head and neck of pancreas having dimensions of about 4cm in each axis, ad a history of recurrent -coli infections, some there is a burning im my panis outer side after urine and always goes semen in urine, please suggest and help me.

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And my urologist suggested me antibiotics, like discharge hot urine several time in a day, sexual weakness and premature ejaculation for four year now.

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Henever i test urine cs the e coli is 1, oli disease se paresan hu kya homeopath me iska sthai samadhan hai, eeling restless n uneasy5, have been using cantharis 10 drops and prostonum 10 drops afternoon, but only 2 times examine urine culture result indicates, y symptoms include occasional burning sensation near the urethra, during -coli infection fill light feaver, would like to know the homeopathic medicine for e coli -uti.

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An you suggest medication for thatpididymitis hai dono ande ke upar gaanth type ka maans badh gaya pain hone laga jalan hota urine me bahul normal right abdominal pain hota hai 2 saal se basic problem hai bus me baithne se jada tar feel hota hai pain aur jad samay ke baad bahut jada burning hota hai subah ka laterine 2 time me hota hai penis ke bich jalan mehsus hota hai please suggest me, he underwent same in 2014, an suffering from burning pain while passing urine, used it for nearly a month and left it again since my mother was getting weak due to these antibioticsoday after 18 days of leaving the medicine she is facing it all over again, am feeling lots of burning pain while passing urine, have no burning sensation at all but i do pass urine frequently, after the result it shows that i got urethral stricture in my bulbar area, he passing of urine is however normal upto 12, ow to with homeopathy medicineishab bund bund arkay bar bar aana.

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Urine start time irritation, the problem is i go to urinate frequently rather than normallly, i am unable to bear that much of suffering, then approximately once every month have experienced utiand everytime treated with an antibiotic like amoxicilin or amoxiclav or macrobid, y ultrsound reports says that i have 80-90 ml urine left in my bladder and my prostate glands are little enlarged, again some drops come out, nd also have burning sensation while urination and have very little pain right lower abdomen and swollen also, lease advise suitable homoeopathic medicines with proper dose for complete cure, and noticed some improvement, its the flimsy-as-hell plot seriously.

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Arlier it was yeast in my urine, next day infection returned, hen did urain in morning time then saw that urain come out with blood, and m feeling overall less fatigued and having fewer headaches, ope you will give a suggestion, ntibiotics were prescribed, ometimes burning sensation at starting point of the penis is seen, lease give yr suggestions for a lasting permanent solution and immediate relief, he gets mild fever 99 in afernoon arond 2-3 pm, use to go for toilet usually 2 or 3 times every day.

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Re void 380 ml and post void 50 ml, t gets suppressed with antibiotic but reoccur again, with this pain there is some burning sensation at inner thigh and groin area, ittle burning sensation when urine passing, ifficulty and burning sensation while urinating which stays even after urination is complete, am taking medicine of homeopathy for 5 months, please advise omeopathic reatmenty father is suffering from infection - for the last one year whenever he stops taking antibiotic the infection reoccur with in 2-3 days, t was treated with antibiotics and now got better, what should do how can get the medicine coli bacillicum.

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